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Smart vents - air zoning - HVAC dampers

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  • Smart vents - air zoning - HVAC dampers

    Smart Vents.

    I need to convert a house from having wall mounted AIR/AIR A/C, into a central system. I need some kind of smart vents like this one.

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    Via RSM610 or other TA controllers, I need to be able to open and close for air in different rooms. The vents needs to be able to be sealed against mosquitoes, flies, lizards (!) and such (the house is in Hong Kong). So I must be able to put a mesh on top of it.

    Does anyone have experience with this (with TA products)?

    Later, I will need to control outside shutters or blinds on windows as well, in case someone knows about that also.

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    It could also be something like this.

    Click image for larger version

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    Sells in the USA for typically 75 USD. Runs on 24V AC (via a transformer), and is normally-open or normally-closed.
    I am looking for a solution which is more like a shunt, so that I can have it partially open/closed if the system wants to - and so it doesn't use continues power to stay open/closed.
    I have seen some DIY hacks, where some people use a general servo motor and attach it to a manual louvre grille.
    I want one I can connect to my network of RSM610s. My system will be quite advanced eventually: Some of the rooms will have not only temperature and moisture sensors, but also some combination of CO2/O2 or whatever it will take, to measure the need for ventilation. An example is a bedroom with someone sleeping - it needs more air at night, while the living room might not.

    There are several reasons for all this. Mainly because the amount of air and cooling/heating available is limited (and power should be conserved), and so the air will be directed to where it's needed the most: When unused areas are closed down, there will be more air available elsewhere.
    I will do the same for bathrooms and the kitchen vent: The exit airflow will be controlled such that for cooking and showering, whichever area needs to have air removed, will open.
    Now, to have a fart sensor would be a great addition to the bathrooms, so ventilation starts when it gets sufficiently smelly