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Desiccant dehumidification

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  • Desiccant dehumidification

    With a source of thermal energy, humid air can be dried by use of a rotating wheel consisting of desiccant material.

    That source of thermal energy can be derived from thermal solar energy.

    Right now in Hong Kong, the temperature is just above 20 C in the daytime, but the air is quite humid. It is cold enough inside the house, and if I try to dry the air with an air condition unit, the house will become even colder.

    There is a great advantage of using solar thermal for dehumidification, year round. In the colder period, you can dry the air without cooling it off also. In the hot and humid season, the air can be dried, and hence be cooled off by conventional A/C with much less energy. And having said that, as long as the air is dry, the temperature range where the air is comfortable is much broader. You can be comfortable even up to the high 20s, as long as the air is somewhat dry (dew point 10 - 15 for instance).

    In this Humidex chart, one can see that temperature alone is not a good measure for a comfortable environment. 28 C is still OK, if the RH is around 30%, while 22 degrees can be with "some discomfort" if the RH is 90%.

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