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    Starting up Ciao Carbon Ltd in Hong Kong, part of our mission is to expedite the use of renewable energy.

    We will be distributing products from the Austrian company Technische Alternative (often abbreviated TA).

    We will also develop a new generation of thermal solar panels, optimized for diffuse light operation (overcast or hazy/foggy), whether in hot or freezing conditions. In addition, with focus on humidity control and general smart HVAC, our aim is to help private as well as government and corporate entities to reduce their energy footprint for HVAC substantially. Better indoor climate as well as year round control of moisture means that people will enjoy better comfort, and buildings less moisture. This has a great potential not only for well being, but also substantial savings.

    The Technische Alternative (T.A.) range of products will provide the backbone for the control, logging and monitoring of our technologies. T.A. has a long experience in this area, and is well established and recognized throughout Europe. We will introduce these products in the Asia-Pacific region, both via our own webshop, but also incorporated in the solutions we are going to offer.
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